Mixing Ratios & Guidelines


We recommend mix ratios between 15% to 33% powder to paint. In general, ratios with more than 33% powder to the mix don’t achieve a more drastically bright glow to justify the cost of more glow powder.


20% = 1:5 = 30 grams powder to 150 milliliters clear medium
25% = 1:4 = 30 grams powder to 120 milliliters clear medium
33% = 1:3 = 30 grams powder to 90 milliliters clear medium
33% = 1:3 = 333 grams powder to 1 liter clear medium

Generally, the higher the ratio of glow in the dark powder to medium, the brighter the glow and potentially a longer glow. Testing different ratios are recommended for commercial and manufacturing purposes. Multiple layers always enhance the glow. If possible, we suggest using plastic, ceramic, or glass mixing containers and utensils.

For resin and epoxy the 20% ratio works well. Pigment will settle to the bottom leaving you with a nice clear top that can be sanded and buffed to your liking.

How to make glow in the dark paint


How to make glow in the dark plastic


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